About Us

Western Energy Services

Western Energy Services is a Taupo based, locally owned and operated, International Well Service Provider.

The company was founded by Paul Hewson and Dane Coppell, both bringing in decades of experience and expertise in the oil and gas industry.

As a result of our expertise, experience and high quality standards of our work and services, Western Energy has significantly grown over the years.

Western Energy Services employs a dedicated staff of engineers and technicians. All of them contributing their (international) experience and specialised training to the company. This is reflected in our innovative thinking and our ability to find practical solutions to an array of complex problems.

We are specialised in service providing to the Geothermal and Oil and Gas Energy industries, providing a broad range of Well Services including Wireline, Coil- and Capillary tubing, Well Sampling, Well testing and Consulting.

Being a small and dedicated company allows us to have clear and open avenues of communication with our clients. We believe in working together with our clients by sharing the experience and expertise of our team.