Recent Projects

  March 2016

Geothermal Abandonment Campaign 


  • Successful completion of 5 well geothermal abandonment campaign.
  • Wells had multiple casing complications as well as fish to be removed prior to cementing.
  • Successful testing and commissioning of cement mixing and pumping equipment. 
  November 2014

Live Well Workover


  • Lighten hydrostatic of geothermal well with air and start well flowing.
  • Mill through calcite using high temperature rated motor and under-reamer.
  • Workover completed with well flowing in excess of 260 ºC.
  October 2014

Sand Clean-out


  • Clean-out sand in oil well production liner using coil tubing and pumping units.
  September 2014

Air Lift geothermal well to start on production


  • Lighten hydrostatic of well with air through coil tubing and start well flowing, gently bringing casing up to temperature
  May 2014

Nitrogen Lift


  • Coil Tubing Unit
  • Lift well using 2" tubing and Ngas



December 2013

Research and Development in Broaching applications


  • Building on our experience with broaching and slickline operations, in-house R&D and experimental research has lead new strategies to remove Calcite build-up in well liners.
  • Western Energy has modelled, developed and manufactured a new series of slick line broaching tools.
  • Testing and evaluation of these new techniques, tools and equipment has started in December. The results are very promising.
  • Previous operations involving broaching of calcite have revived several wells and significantly increased power generation at geothermal stations.





December 2013

New Mobile Workshop for our Wireline Skid Unit


  • Custom designed and engineered mobile workshop.
  • Mobilized with our Skid Unit on the Wireline trailer.
  • Can be lifted on and off by the Western Energy Hiab truck.
  • Designed to accommodate Wireline and Broaching tools and equipment.
  • Contains engineering tools, work bench, lighting and electricity.
  • Manufactured in the Western workshop by our engineers.




Silica Test Rig


  • Managed the building, commissioning and operation of a silica test rig.



Well testing


  • Supervision of all well testing for large geothermal power station recently commissioned in the Taupo area.



Water treatment plant


  • Commissioning and supervision of water treatment plant treating produced geothermal brine to make it suitable for drilling with.