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Help power the global geothermal industry

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of geothermal

Our committed team of geothermal well experts have built up a reputation for innovative approaches.


Western Energy is a leading provider of specialist well solutions. We’re based in New Zealand and service wells all over the world. We pride ourselves on providing expert and comprehensive solutions that maximise value, efficiency and production.

With expertise in wireline diagnostics,
intervention, plus testing and monitoring,
we get results across the entire life cycle of
a well.

Our committed team of geothermal well experts has built up a reputation for innovative approaches —

thanks to our years of
experience and Kiwi ingenuity!

We value our strong client relationships and understand there’s no one size fits all approach to projects. Our team works alongside you to optimise well assets and reduce energy generation costs.

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Safety is paramount at Western Energy — for employees, sub-contractors, clients and the communities we operate in. We’re proud of our safety culture and proven track record, now at more than six years LTI free.

We’re constantly analysing and improving our health and safety systems and performance — this demonstrates our commitment to ensuring everyone returns home safely at the end of the day.


Proud to be New Zealand
based and powering the
global geothermal industry.